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Helping people express emotions and feelings beyond texts so easily – that’s what makes emojis so viral all over the internet. Conversations and chatting must be so boring without emojis, right?

With our giant free collection of emojis, you can easily find the right one to use. Just click to select and copy and paste them into anywhere you want!

Emojis are displayed in different categories including smileys & emoticons, people, animals & nature, food & drink, travel & places, activities, objects, symbols & signs, flags, skin tones, and many more.

What is emoji? What does the word “emoji” mean?

“Emoji” is defined as any small images, icons, or symbols used in text messages, social media, email, or any other text fields in electronic communication. Users use them to express their emotional attitude, give information quickly and clearly, exchange messages playfully with no words, and more.Do you know that the word “emoji” is made up of two Japanese words: picture (e) and character (moji)? What a surprise, right?

The first emoji was created in 1999 by a Japanese man. His name is Shigetaka Kurita.

How many emojis are there?

Well, it’s a hard question to answer since more and more emojis have been introduced to the world.

As of September 2021, there are a total of 3,633 emojis in the Unicode Standard. What a huge number! And certainly, the number of emojis available right now is higher than that. In the future, there will be more and more emojis launched for us to use.

How to copy and paste emojis?

It’s super easy to copy and paste emojis.

Just click or tap to select emoji (you can select as many emojis as you want). The emoji you’ve selected will then be added to the box at the top.

If you’re on a Desktop, then press Ctrl + A to select all, and press Ctrl + C to copy. Next, press Ctrl + V to paste.

If you’re using a mobile, double tap the box to select all emojis then tap and hold on the screen. A popup will appear, select Copy. Then tap on the place where you want to paste the emoji, tap and hold on the screen to open the popup, then, tap on Paste.

More facts about emojis

Curious about facts concerning emojis? Here are some more for you.

There is a World Emoji Day. It is an unofficial holiday that is held annually on July 17.

“The Face With Tears of Joy Emoji” is one of the world’s most-used emojis. The “Red Heart” and “Pleading Face” emojis are also greatly popular.

In 2013, the word “Emoji” was officially added to Oxford Dictionaries.

Birthday cake and pizza emojis are the most commonly used food emojis all year round.

Women and men use emojis differently. As per RecTxt.com, women are 11 percent more likely to use emojis representing joy, while men are 35 percent more likely to use ones representing fear. Another fact is that women use emojis 16% more frequently than males do. 3472222 emojis are sent every second on Messenger. More surprisingly, more than five billion emojis are sent via Messenger every day – A giant number as compared to “just”’ 60 million emojis sent on Facebook.

The emoji language is the fastest-growing language on the globe. In 2011, Apple added the Emoji keyboard to iOS. Since then, emoji use has grown so quickly, and many experts have called it the “world’s fastest-growing language.” …

These are some fascinating things about emojis and the world of emojis that EmojiHub would like to share with you!

At Emojihub, you can find all of your favorite emojis in one place and copy and paste them to any social media platform or wherever you want! Adding emojis will surely bring liveliness and fun to conversations!