Idle Heroes v1.28.0 MOD APK (VIP 13/Gems/All Heros)

Idle Heroes v1.28.0 MOD APK (VIP 13/Gems/All Heros)

Idle Heroes (MOD APK, VIP 13/Gems/All Heros) uses an advanced idle system to give players a new role-playing experience with abundant rewards over time.

The auto-hit mechanism is always one of the mechanisms that make it easy for players to approach, and for those who are poor in control, skills will be entirely suitable. Players will need to arrange a lineup of characters and invest in dealing with the opposing team. In battle, there will always be skills that are released automatically that players also need to pay attention to win the fight. The game introduced today is also in the above category. It will bring players interesting entertainment moments and many problems that players will have to overcome, Idle Heroes.

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Idle Heroes owns a world that players will be able to feel interesting in what it can bring. For worlds with many races, it always attracts many players because of the variety of shapes and powers they possess. Simultaneously, the environment that the game offers is always rich and diverse; They will change as the player travels to different lands.

Idle Heroes (MOD, VIP 13/Gems/All Heros)

When it comes to the types of characters in this game, they will be divided into six basic systems and one new system updated later (Void). Each system has its number of characters and an ever-changing number of stars. So you will spend a lot of time experiencing what power they can bring and how they counter each other in the game. The four systems that interact with each other are Abyss, Fortress, Shadow, and Forest. Likewise, the two relationships have a similar relationship: Dark and Light.

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At the same time, after the development process, there have been many innovations in each character’s upgrade mechanics and strength in the game. Sometimes you have a certain strength for a certain amount of time, but when the new meta comes out, you will sometimes think of adding new characters. In recent times, some of the characters’ images and looks have been remade, and you will have new experiences with them.

Idle Heroes (MOD, VIP 13/Gems/All Heros)


Idle Heroes has an entirely accessible way of playing that you will have yourself a lineup of 5 characters, and each character will have its character. Also, unlike some RPG games, players can arrange the same symbols on the field to perform special attacks. Once there is a module, the interaction and countermeasures mechanism will always be applied, and so the way for you to overcome this problem is to have a strong squad.

Idle Heroes (MOD, VIP 13/Gems/All Heros)

There are many ways to summon a character through the gacha spinning mechanism. There will be two types of gacha, regular gacha, premium gacha, and friendship gacha. For advanced gacha, the rate of you getting 5-star characters is entirely possible and normal, and the friendship score gacha, you will receive characters with a maximum level of 3 stars. Simultaneously, when you summon a character ten times, the rate of getting a high-class character increases.

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Idle Heroes (MOD, VIP 13/Gems/All Heros)

So, the level of a character that can be summoned through the gacha ranges from 1-5 stars. After you have yourself a team of 5 characters, you will participate in many different game modes such as Campaign, Seal Land, and many other modes. This game’s exciting feature is that depending on the mode, a hero will have his unique functions and roles. So, make full use of these characters’ skills and upgrade them correctly.


Idle Heroes owns a level mechanism, and with each level, you will have yourself an upgrade in terms of stats. At the same time, it will consume three main types of resources that you will spend a lot of time accumulating. You can see many hexagonal blank boxes in the character’s info sheet representing the number of character’s level-ups. In other words, once you reach a certain level, you cannot continue to upgrade; you need to perform a level up. After each level up, you will be able to acquire new passive skills.

Idle Heroes (MOD, VIP 13/Gems/All Heros)

As mentioned above, the number of characters the player can summon ranges from 1-5 stars. So when you reach level 100 with a 5-star character, you will sometimes stop for a long time. It is that because your 5-star character has reached the max level, and you need to prepare the materials to proceed to the level of purple and yellow stars. It is also a privilege that is only available to 5-star characters, and it completely consumes an enormous amount of resources and the same number of characters as the original character.


Idle Heroes owns an exciting way of playing when the player will spend a lot of time accessing the mechanics that gradually opens up in this game. Simultaneously, players will be utterly impressed with what the game can bring as the characters have different looks and ultimately make an impression on them. Please pay attention and update the current meta to use the correct role of the character you are using.

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