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To celebrate the arrival of the brand new bull year, KuCoin invites all users to join in the fun and collect Lucky Cards to snatch a total of 100,000 USDT! But that’s not all, KuCoin has partnered with KCS Team, Hathor, Cashaa, Frontier, Newscrypto, and SUKU to provide continuous airdrops of Red Envelopes that will last for 10 days.

Activity Time: Until 10:00 on February 20, 2021 (UTC)

How to Participate:

Users need to click the banner or open ads via KuCoin App to enter the activity page and register to participate.

Notice: Upgrade the app to the latest version to enjoy the airdrop rain!

Main Venue <<<

Activity One: Collect Lucky Cards, Merge and Share the BULL Poster to Snatch 30,000 USDT!

  1. Complete missions to earn points. For every 20 points you earn, you’ll get a chance to draw cards. After collecting all 5 cards, you can merge them into “BULL2021” and share the poster to get 25,000 USDT. The first 5,000 participants who successfully share the poster will get 10,000 USDT, and the rest will share 15,000 USDT.

  2. 10 lucky users can equally share the 5,000 USDT by drawing cards.

  3. You can send cards to friends by entering their UIDs. Your friends can also share prizes by registering and participating in the activities.

A campaign to send cards will be held in the English community. Join KuCoin English Telegram to know more details.

Activity Two: Join the Ranks of BULL2021, Share 50,000 USDT!

The top 100 users with the highest points will be listed in the BULL2021 leaderboard and share 50,000 USDT according to their final ranking and weight ratio.

  • Top 1-10: 20,000 USDT in total
  • Top 11-50: 20,000 USDT in total
  • Top 51-100: 10,000 USDT in total

E.g., Prize of single user from the top 10 = (Valid trading volume of single user/Total valid trading volume of top 10 users) * 20,000 USDT

Sub Venue <<<

Activity One: Make Red Envelopes Rain! Red Envelopes Worth 10,000 USDT are Waiting for You to Grab!

1. Main Venue

Every day at 13:00 from February 10, 2021, to February 19, 2021 (UTC), we will distribute Red Envelopes on the hour on KuCoin App. All registered users will be able to participate for free Red Envelopes.

2. Sub Venue

From February 10, 2021, to February 20, 2021 (UTC), all users are able to join the Telegram groups of five projects to get Red Envelopes. (Please refer to the activity page for more details)

Activity Two: Participate in the Wheel of Fortune and Share 10,000 USDT!

  1. For users who own or draw KuCoin candies from this activity, please go to the App homepage – Check-in to participate in the Wheel of Fortune to draw prizes.

  2. “Rewards Instructions of KuCoin Candy Center”


  1. The points will only be shown if users click “Register Now” when they finish the tasks. Users can click the “Register Now” button during the event, and their points will be updated automatically.

  2. Mission status and points will be updated each day at 00:00, 08:00, and 16:00 (UTC).

  3. The “Candies” that users draw in activity 1 will be distributed immediately. Please check them on the KuCoin App (visit “Home” and click “Check-in”).

  4. KuCoin will distribute the other prizes according to users’ points within 7 working days after the activity ends.

  5. For any malicious acts conducted during the activity period, including illegal bulk registration of accounts, etc., KuCoin will cancel the qualification of the participants.

  6. KuCoin reserves all rights to the final interpretation of this activity.

  7. How to Collect KuCoin’s Lucky Cards and Snatch Red Envelopes?

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