Virtua Cop 3 | Copy Paste Tool

Virtua Cop 3 | Copy Paste Tool
Virtua Cop 3

Virtua Cop 3 is the third installment in the virtua cop series. It was supposed to be released on the xbox but the release was cancelled in most regions.

It did get a release in Japan on the Chihiro arcade machine though and that was basically an xbox with extra memory. It was apparently possible to play it on an xbox if you modded it by soldering in an extra stick of RAM. That sounds like a lot of work though but fortunately, it can also be played on the cxbx emulator.

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How Can I play Virtua Cop 3?

The easiest way to play it is on the Cxbx Reloaded xbox emulator. Its actually pretty simple to get going but you do need a few things to get going.

Note: It seems that you need a specific version of CXBX to play this with Demulshooter. Get it here:

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You will also need the DemulShooter program in order to get the game to use the lightgun.

Lastly, you will need the rom. Its pretty easy to find a download if you search Google for it. Keywords like chihiro might help.

Once you have the emulator installed and the game downloaded, you can follow the instructions here:

It seems to be pretty relaxed in terms of versions.

A couple of extra notes though:

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Do not run cxbx in Administrator mode.

Run Demulshooter in Administrator mode.

You may or may not get it working in full screen mode. There are videos of people getting full screen mode working but the guide says that aiming does not work when in full screen. You can do windowed mode as big as your display so its not too bad.

Check out this video of it being played with the new Sinden Light Gun:

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